Carbon steel pipe is one of the most used pipes in terms of material. Carbon steel pipe is widely used due to its low cost, high strength and mild corrosion resistance properties. These pipes are used mostly in structural engineering such as in the construction industry where strength is the prime concern. Although these are strong materials, there is a limit as to which stress they could withstand. The difference in the addition of carbon makes the difference in the mechanical properties as well. Low carbon and high carbon steels are different in qualities and the addition of other alloy materials makes difference in mechanical properties as well.

As all steel, the carbon steel is also made through a procedure that involves heat treatment. There are mainly two types of production; cold drawn or electric resistant welded. The grades depend on the material make as well. There are different grades, standards, schedules and specifications which could stand different levels of stress. The A106-c is one of the higher stress standing materials as it withstands above 20000psi of stress under up to 400 degree Fahrenheit of temperatures. Second in line are A53B, A106B, A333 6, A369 FPB and API 5L B grades which can stand up to 20000 psi stress in under 400 degree Fahrenheit of heat. The allowable stress in carbon steel ERW pipe therefore differs with the grade and standard. A672 Pipe is very competitively priced. This can be used in high temperature and high pressure applications as well.