If you’re new to the work from home lifestyle or you are thinking about finding a job that offers you the opportunity to work from home, this article will spark your interest. Working remotely is a lot different to a regular 9 to 5 job. You’ll have to change your habits and routines to ensure you get things done during the day and you aren’t distracted.

Set a Schedule – One of the most important things to do if you’ve a home business in Australia or you work remotely for a company is to maintain regular hours. Just because you aren’t in an office, doesn’t mean you should stop getting up early in the morning and working to a schedule. Having clear guidelines on when to work and when to finish helps to maintain a healthy work balance. One of the biggest benefits of working remotely is that you get to extend your day or start early to accommodate your own needs.

Morning Routine – You shouldn’t start work immediately the moment you wake up. Create a routine that involves having breakfast and then making your way into your office chair. Make sure you have your breakfast and give yourself at least 30 minutes before you sit down to work. Some remote workers like to get their exercise routine done early before they sit in front of the computer. Find something that suits you and stick to that routine.

Set Ground Rules – If you’re a mother or father working from home and you’ve kids who arrive back from school while you are still working, make sure you set some ground rules. They should know what they can and cannot do during this period. Don’t take on a lot of extra tasks just because you are at home – feeding the pets, dealing with service people etc.

Take Proper Breaks – It is important to take breaks in their entirety. There are several apps you can use to lock yourself out of your computer for an hour, so you don’t shortchange yourself while working from home. You need regular breaks away from a computer during the day.

There are many ways to be productive when working from home. If you’ve managed to find a remote-based job or you are thinking about working from home, you must set a schedule and stick to it. You’ll face unique challenges, but most remote workers face the same core issues as any else.